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Timothy Papandreou

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Timothy, a pragmatic futurist, leverages his expertise in policy, emerging technology, and strategic operations to be at the forefront of creating the world of tomorrow. His poly-expertise covers AI ecosystems, supply chains, moonshots, and smart cities to address the future of living and working on Earth and beyond. As an expert systems thinker and a global thought leader in applied emerging technologies- including as a writer for Forbes, Tim gives his audiences a glimpse into the future he is co-creating.


Currently serving as Founder and CEO at ETA Advisors, Tim empowers investors, companies, startups, and governments with the insight, guidance, skills, and tools required to navigate the rapidly emerging technology landscape. He holds a key advisory role at X, the Moonshot Factory—an Alphabet (Google’s parent company) innovation lab—focusing on AI-enabled moonshots, robotics, and more.


Tim also serves as an expert in residence for 11.2 Venture Builder Studio, mentoring fintech, supply chain, logistics, health, and regenerative agriculture startups. Additionally, he is a Senior Partner at Monaco Foundry, a groundbreaking platform dramatically increasing emerging technology startup success rates. With additional advisory roles in smart city development, blockchain, Web3,  digital twins, energy, and space technology, Tim brings a wealth of knowledge to diverse fields from Silicon Valley. 


His previous roles include leading groundbreaking strategic partnerships at X Moonshot Factory, working on global problems with breakthrough technology to produce 10X solutions. His signature project was contributing to the launch and commercialization of Waymo—the world's pioneering AI-powered autonomous vehicle technology now operating in several cities.

Before that, Tim held various policy and infrastructure roles, including the world's first Chief Innovation Officer for a transport agency in San Francisco. He led strategy and infrastructure teams, developed innovative urban development, transport, and smart city policy initiatives, implemented sustainable business processes, and fostered rapid technology and policy innovation, social equity, and climate resilience.

Tim’s track record for conceiving moonshots and delivering on innovation combined with his unique ability to join the dots, and distill complex information into accessible and entertaining content positions him as a highly sought-after speaker.  He has had the privilege of speaking at prestigious events worldwide, including addressing the UN in Geneva, The World Bank, OECD, Elected Officials, Google and other corporates, executive boards, top-tier investment banks, universities, and numerous industry, think tanks, and leadership associations across six continents.

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