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Ground.  Sea.  Air. 

Transport Disrupted

Emerging Transport Advisors was founded to provide investors, companies, governments and institutions clarity and guidance on how to best position themselves for the great SEA (shared, electric, automated) change coming to the transport system.


When it comes to the movement of people and things, the last 5 years have seen more transformation than the previous 50.  The next 10 promise to profoundly accelerate that change. This SEA transition will upend  how we traditionally plan, design, operate, finance and manage our transport and rights of way.


We are at the beginning phases of the sunsetting of our traditional transport system and the dawning of the new active, shared, electric and automated transition. It will not happen everywhere at once, but it will eventually reach every corner of the planet. 

To prepare you, we find the signals and cues, provide you with unique insights and use human centered design thinking to develop the right path forward. 

Our Services

Industry Insights : Small and large group meetings (calls or in person) to provide overviews,  key trends and forecasts

Industry Keynotes: Conferences, Summits, Board retreats to expand and open the minds of your audiences

Advising: Provide expertise, networks and guidance to position your organization for success

Design Thinking Workshops: People centered design processes to ensure successful organization development  outcomes 


Our Clients 

We advise a diverse group of clients in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa

Investors: Financial services, development banks,  thematic investors, venture capital managers, pension funds

Mobility Companies: Original equipment manufacturers, tier 1 suppliers, national railways, logistics, ports and airports, public transport, rental, fleet managers

Startups: Mobility service providers, data aggregators and data brokers

Government: Intergovernmental,  federal, state, provincial, regional, local 

Non-Government Organizations: Institutes, universities, community organizations

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