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Emerging Transport Advisors

Get Ready for the Great SEA (Subscription. Electric. Automated) Change in Transportation

At Emerging Transport Advisors, we're ushering in a new era in transportation, and the question is, are you prepared for the revolution? Founded with a mission to bridge the gap and provide a deep understanding, we empower both tech innovators and policymakers to navigate the world of emerging technologies. Our team offers strategic planning, go-to-market strategies, innovation organization structures, and advising services. 

We're your go-to for all things emerging transport – from smart cities, logistics, and supply chains to sustainable mode shift options. We go deep into new business models, new propulsion and automation technologies from subscriptions, as-a-service,  electrification, connectivity, and automated/autonomous vehicle technology for moving people, goods, or doing things in every dimension – subterranean, ground, air, sea, and even space! 

Dive into and get smart on emerging technology topics that are being introduced to transportation from the AI ecosystem (including Generative AI), Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Platforms, and Smart Contracts.  Go deep on operationalizing new forms from, urban air mobility, robotics, 3-D Printing, and other emerging mobility trends. Learn how you can create go-to-market strategies for new markets, working with public-private partnerships and crafting win-win policies that guide and enable emerging technology innovation while protecting the community.

We're here to cut through the hype and help you seize emerging opportunities. 
Whether you're a startup, corporation, or government, we've got your back in shaping the future of living and working. Get prepared for what's coming – because the future is now! 

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