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Emerging Transport Advisors

The Great SEA Change in transport is coming. Are you prepared?

Emerging Transport Advisors was founded to provide both technology companies and policymakers with the needed bridging and understanding to accelerate and scale emerging technologies the smart way. 

Our team provides strategic planning,  go-to-market, strategic partnerships, innovation organization structure, and advising services for startups, corporations, and governments on all aspects of emerging technologies that involve the future of living and working.

We cover emerging transport technology topics like innovation hubs, smart cities, sustainable transportation options, special purpose vehicles, electric charging and storage, electric, connected, and automated vehicles (subterranean, ground, air, sea, and space), AI-enabled blockchain and Web3 smart contracts, urban air mobility, robotic deliveries and trucking, supply chain financing, and ride-hailing.

We help our clients cut through the hype and seize emerging opportunities.  Get prepared for the future. 

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